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What do I need to learn to be a home medical transcriptionist?

The training curriculum for a typical online medical transcription training program will obviously include a solid anatomy course and a medical terminology course. The best medical transcription training programs will tailor these courses to the specific needs of the medical transcription industry. For example, for a home medical transcriptionist, the focus will be much more on spelling and understanding complex medical terminology in context. Let’s face it. A medical transcriptionist will never be called upon to perform a surgical operation (unless of course, he or she has finished med school as well). Medical transcriptionists transcribe or type voice dictation files. And increasingly, with the advent of voice recognition technology, medical transcriptionists edit documents that have been processed through a speech recognition engine. More about that in later.

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In addition to anatomy and physiology and medical terminology, most online medical transcription training programs will include an English grammar module and possibly a typing skills module.  While there is an expectation that someone entering a medical transcription training program will have solid typing skills, it helps to have some specialized exercises designed to improve your typing speed.

Additionally, a good medical transcription training course will include a pharmacology module.  A solid pharmacology background will be critical as new drugs and pharmaceuticals – both prescription drugs and generic drugs will be prescribed to the vast majority of patients.  It is important for a working medical transcriptionist to be completely familiar with drugs and dosages.  Also, a great deal of time will be spent learning the medical terminology associated with medical specialties. There are literally dozens of medical specialties and sub specialties.  Often a medical transcriptionist will focus on a specialty area.  However, it is far more common for a medical transcriptionist to run the gamut – typing healthcare documents across a wide variety of specialties.  You will also receive important training on common medical abbreviations as well as instruction on the proper use of plurals.  Pluralizing complex medical terms (which are mostly derived from Latin) can be tricky.

The best online medical transcription courses will include a comprehensive practicum.  That is, an effective training program will force the student to apply the concepts they have learned in the foundation curriculum in a hands-on practical medical transcription environment.  You may transcribe dozens – or preferably hundreds of medical reports in a quality MT training program.  This ensures that when you have completed your training you are much more prepared for the rigors of the real world of home medical transcription.

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