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Medical Transcription from Home

I get inquiries all the time about what it takes to do home medical transcription. So here is some basic information about medical transcription and specifically about home medical transcription jobs. I hope it helps.

There are a lot of jobs that purport to offer a home-based career opportunity. Unfortunately, most of them are not really what they claim to be. Stuffing envelopes? Sounds great, but get real! Many of the legitimate home based career opportunities are commission based jobs – which are o.k. for some people with strong personalities. But it can be a feast or famine situation –
at best; and a total bust at worst.

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Medical transcription, on the other hand, is an extremely high demand, fast growing career field. And the best news – medical transcription is a legitimate home based/online job opportunity. In fact, online medical transcription is the preferred model for the health care industry. The medical records departments at most large hospitals now completely outsource all of their medical transcription work to third party medical transcription service providers (MTSO’s). These MTSO’s, in turn either directly hire, or contract with home medical transcriptionists to transcribe medical dictation files from their homes. Healthcare providers have discovered that the home medical transcription model is far more efficient than the old model of hiring medical transcriptionists to work in a hospital setting. The hospitals get to save all of the overhead of expensive office space and utilities – so they are happy. The medical transcriptionists working from home get to avoid costly and time consuming commutes and enjoy the flexibility of a home medical transcription career. It is a win win situation.

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